By mistaking realism for believability, video games have given us an interesting paradox: the so-called Uncanny Valley Problem, wherein the more lifelike nonliving things appear to be, the more cognitively unsettling they become. — Tom Bissell, Extra Lives: Why Video Games Matter (via kwakerjak)

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It’s easy to hide behind that old journalistic convention of objectivity, but when your “unbiased” hiring strategy results in the systematic underrepresentation of women, something very biased is going on. And the problem compounds itself—male workforces mean male networks and male job candidates and male hiring metrics and stories about men. About half the time, we should be hiring the best woman for the job. If we don’t, we’re part of the problem. So hire women. Write about them. Give them lines. Invite them onto your shows. Just do it, and don’t stop.

Boys Will Hire Boys and The Media is Male and Getting Maler by Amanda Hess (via ladylikegame)

My friend, Titpinions and I were talking about this very subject while we were watching SNL. Not only is this gruesome fact self-replicating but it also uses those same lines of connection (male dominated hiring, networking, and stories) to hide itself. When men look around them and see other men working with them, see older men leaving the workforce only to be replaced by younger men it sets a precedent.

Stepping beyond my reach as a artist, a writer, and a designer for a moment, I want to state my commitment to creating games that help embody and educate players on themes of civic intelligence, many of which are centered around Gender and Sex equality. I also want to encourage any and all of my readers to point out when I overstep my lines. 

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